It's not a competition to who can pass in the shortest time or with the least amount of lessons.


Just because a friend or someone passed a test with very few lessons/in a short period of time does NOT necessarily make them a safe & good driver, just look at all the muppet drivers on the road that have licences already! You've seen them, come across them! Think they know it all once they have a PINK licence! Certainly weren't taught like that nor would they have passed a test if they drove like that!

SO why do you think the DVSA are looking at introducing regulations on learning to drive, such as a minimum amount of hours taken, learning over a year's period (which would put these "Pass in Week" schools out of business very quickly!)?? The DVSA doesn't make money on YOU learning or on how many lesson how you take, so it's not for that reason! (They DO make money EVERY time you take a test though!)

Too many pass quickly then have accidents quickly after...that's why!

They want to make YOU safe and our roads safer!




Let's get a few things clear.......

1/ How many lessons will I need? How many more lessons will I need to be test ready? When will I be test ready? Now I've passed my theory, how many more lessons will I need? Oh boy, if I had a pound for every time I was asked these......

Okay, lets look at it from another angle:-

How many hours training would you need to run the London Marathon?

The professional trainer that I pay, to stand any chance of being ready for the marathon, he suggests I need to do AT LEAST 4 hours a day for the next 20 weeks. I say I only want to do and can afford 2 hours a day and I still expect him to have me ready in 20 weeks! Would that work?? 

Me personally - I can't even run a bath!!

 Do all runners require the same amount of training and all complete it in the same amount of time?

Simple answer is - NO!

 It's down to how you take new information in, how easy do you pick things up...or not and your commitment to it!

All your class at school were taught by then same Maths teacher for example...did you ALL get the same grades?

Get my point? It all depends on......YOU!!

The Hooter's student who has taken the shortest time to learn did it in 3 months. My student who took the longest was 6 years - she kept stopping an starting her lessons - with MONTHS out at a time!

Everyone is different.

There are various factors with learning to drive:-

- Some pick up driving very quick and are natural drivers, others not so. (DO NOT compare yourself to how quick your friends passed - we didn't all get the same exams grades at school!!)

- Do you enjoy it or not? (You excel at things better if you enjoy it - think of your lessons at school)

- It depends on your commitment to it. (Prioritise!! For example - is it more important to go out partying every weekend and therefore have no money for lessons?)

- Is this something you want to do or you have to do? (If have to or told to learn - then prepare for a frustrating long haul! Or come back when you want to do it!)

- How many lessons you take in a week? (The more the better)

- Do you get practise at home? (Practise helps - some more than others! But sometimes you can pick up bad habits!!)

- Your finances or work/school commitments. (These can't be helped - If you only do an hour a week please understand though that it'll will take you longer to be test ready than someone who does hour and half lessons or two or more separate lessons a week!)

- Are your lessons regular and consistent - i.e. weekly - or are they cancelled or missed, for whatever reason, quite often? (Lessons missed frequently or sporadic lessons will set you back, therefore it will take you longer to be test ready and ultimately cost you more in the long run! You need to have at least ONE lesson per week EVERY week!)

- Do you put in extra learning at home - reading up, studying etc.? (At school - you didn't just attend your lessons once a week, you had homework etc. to do!)

2/ I can only go an average. It takes about 65 hours of professional instruction for a learner to be test ready. People have taken less - 30-45 hours. People have taken more - 80-150 hours. Some will do it in 3 months, others in 18 months. I will not give a definitive answer as if you reach that amount of hours suggested and are still not test ready then that's my neck on the line!

3/  Another thing we come across as instructors is when a learner NEEDS/WANTS to be passed by a certain time/date etc. This is all well and good put the learner has to put the work in. There is only so much an instructor can do in a hour/ hour & a half lesson, particularly if a learner is only doing one lesson a week. We are not miracle workers. I will not be pressurized into taking ANYONE for test just because they are going to uni /moving away or if a learner has had a gap in their driving lessons after passing their theory and has restarted lessons because their theory is close to expiring! A learner has to understand that they need to put extra work in to it outside of lessons - and that doesn't mean going out occasionally with a parent, relative, partner etc. It means going out, practically every day, as many times as possible! David Beckham didn't just practise once a week and then suddenly get a call from the England manager six months later - he practises, trains, etc. EVERY DAY! I will not guarantee I can have anyone test ready before their target date. Remember - Practise make perfect!

4/ If you don't get practise at home, and not everyone can, then it will take you longer to be up to test standard. The only downside to private practice is you can pick up bad habits! - which are hard to fix! People generally learn better and quicker if they haven't given themselves a 'cut off' date. They progress naturally and it's less frustrating. Go with the flow!!


As soon as someone passes their theory, I always get asked how many more lessons will they need, cos now they're in hurry to pass - I couldn't tell you last lesson so the fact you've just passed your theory isn't going make a sudden me have a sudden judgement on it...particularly if you're not consistent! Remember I keep a record of lessons taken -- how many you COULD have had as opposed to how many you ACTUALLY have had! If people were consistent with their lessons prior to passing the theory, they'd probably be ready! Or if done & passed theory ages ago (like I nagged you to every week), then they may have even passed the practical by now!!

5/ When it comes to your practical test - I will book that for you. If you book it without consulting me or have it booked already, I will not take you for test. You all know and have been told from day one that I will not take anyone for test if I think they're not ready, not up to test standard and if the pupil still wishes to take the test against my advice. You all agreed and signed to these terms and conditions when you started. I cannot stop anyone going for test, it's your test after all, but I can stop people using my car. Taking lessons with an instructor does not guarantee they will take you for test. If you decide to go for the test against my advice (possibly using your own vehicle) then I will terminate your lessons. If you are not willing to listen to my professional advice with regards to your test then I deem it pointless to continue advising you on your lessons.

6/ You have two mock tests - the first one decides when we should book your test for, the second decides should we keep that test date at the moment (it still can be moved if lessons goes belly up after the second mock) or do we move it already.

7/ When I book a test, I have to estimate when I think you should be ready, how you've progressed so far, how many lessons you do in a week and how many more lessons I think you're going to need, taking in to account any pre-advised/scheduled holidays, days off, bank holidays, etc., either of us may have - I then book your test at the end of that period. If your test is booked for 3 months away, sounds a long way away - that's 12 lessons - put it in to context with how many lessons you've had so far to get you to your current standard and you're still not quite ready, possibly 40, 50, 60 - now 12 is really not a lot. However, are you likely to miss any future lessons? You don't know. You can't afford to cut down or miss lessons that close to test but things don't always go to plan. Lessons are sometimes missed/cancelled or shortened for whatever reason, mine or yours, due to illness, work, financial reasons etc. etc. I'm not interested why and I do understand your circumstances, if that's the case. Some students though, do need to prioritise when it comes to their lessons up to test - what is more important at that moment in time - spending money on going out or putting that money towards lessons to be test ready? But do take note - you have to understand that if you miss/cancel or shorten lessons, particularly on a regular occurrence, once your test is booked - again for whatever reason - there is a good chance you're test will be moved. I will try my best but please do not assume I will have the space to 'fit in' and reschedule those lessons missed/cancelled or do extra half hours, due to others being shortened, at a later date . Also, unless I have a regular gap or cancellation, do not assume I will have the availability for you to do more/extra lessons a week as it gets closer to your test date to compensate for the lessons previously missed, as I normally have a full diary. I cannot make it any clearer than that.

8/ If things are going well then there will be no doubt in your test date. If things start to go bad and you are making lots of mistakes then I will give you the benefit of the doubt and a couple of more lessons to prove that it was just a glitch. If it's still going bad and still making mistakes, it's likely I will advise you move your test. I can leave it up to a minimum of two weeks before your test to advise whether you should go for it or not. Normally, this makes a learner pull their finger out, drive better and more determined, particularly after a bad lesson. A learner needs to have all the planned/scheduled lessons up to test and to drive consistently well, with little or no instruction from me, for at least a month before test, on all those lessons. Tests are not set in stone - they can be moved either way. I reiterate this constantly to you.


Once in a while, the mere mention of the POSSIBILITY of having to move a test makes a select 'few' students and/or parents see red. Instead of openly saying they don't want to move it, accepting the fact I won't take them if they're still not up to test standard (they have been informed of this from day one) and just moving on, they get upset, angry, defensive and/or create issues and problems that weren't a cause of concern previously throughout the course of the learning and have never been highlighted nor brought up by them before....until now!

9/ 'Some' are in disagreement with their instructors. It appears that when it comes to booking a test or as it gets closer to test date - some people - learners, parents, relatives, partners, friends etc. - seem to think they know what's best with regards to it. You get people stating that you 'should only need.........lessons' or that you 'should be booking your test by now'. A knowledge, over and above that of the instructor, is acquired. I personally am amused when my professional intellect is disrespected by those who are not qualified in such matters. It's like someone unqualified questioning your ability to do your job! At then end of the day, you pay an instructor for a reason. It costs approximately £100 every time you take a test (excluding lessons in between tests) so surely it's not cost effective take a test 'just to have a go' or on the suggestion of someone unqualified. Particularly in the current economic climate! You could put that money towards extra lessons.  I can't guarantee you will pass your test but I can guarantee you will be up to test standard when you take it on my advice.


 If you won't/can't do the lessons, why do you expect to be taken to test?

Why spend that amount of money on lessons whilst taking on board all the advice on how to do things right, what you did wrong, etc. throughout the course of your learning - and then not listen to that advice anymore when it comes up to test, which is probably one of the most important and life changing days of your life?


10/ What are you paying an instructor for if someone 'unqualified' knows better? You could have saved a lot of money by letting the unqualified teach you from the start, why leave it till your test is due? It's at this point a 'select' few learners will have a tantrum. This is beyond my comprehension as I don't understand why someone would get mad when an instructor will not take them for test when they are not up to test standard. Why would they want to go for test if the professional thinks they're going to fail? Do they want us to take them even though they're not up to standard? Well, personally, I won't take them. As much as I like all my students, I like my job more and I am not prepared to have my pass rate nor my reputation spoiled by anyone. Every time someone takes a test in my car, the examiner records my instructor number which then gets sent back to the DVSA. If I continually put people through who are below standard and fail I can ultimately lose my job. The DVSA would be on my back very quickly. They know the standard of my tests that I put through currently and leave me alone because of it.

Just because someone drives and has done for years, doesn't mean they know how to instruct learners and what is required for test standard! Things have changed since they took their test, they'll have bad habits and probably wouldn't pass again if they had to take it - try the theory test out on them!

I don't question your job, please don't question mine!

There's a reason I'm TRAINED to do what I do!

 I brush my teeth every day, it doesn't make me a dentist! I wouldn't start pulling my own teeth out or give myself a filling! I wash/style my hair every day, doesn't make me a hairdresser! I wouldn't cut my own hair!

See what I'm trying to say?

 Parents - this is your child's life! Surely you can not put a price on that? Safety is no accident!

11/ I understand that it's disappointing if I have to move a test back, but surely its more disappointing if you fail a test right? Ask anyone one of your friends who have failed, how they felt! I know, I've been there. I failed my first test and it's heartbreaking. You've put all that time and effort into it and with one short sentence - 'I'm sorry to tell you, you haven't passed' - for that moment in time, your world comes tumbling down. It's not a pleasant experience, one I don't want put anyone through.

12/ A gun, if not taught how to handle it properly and/or in the hands of an idiot, will kill somebody in a split second. A car, if not taught how to handle it properly and/or in the hands of an idiot, will kill somebody in a split second too. Which is more common? There are plenty of bad drivers out there - don't be one - learn properly and take your time. A learner driver passes at certain standard, it's when that standard slips that accidents happen. Do all you can to learn how to drive safe and be safe for the rest of your driving life, it's on your conscious if you don't. It is your responsibility to learn how to drive safe from a qualified instructor, just because Mom, Dad or whoever has been driving for......years, doesn't make them qualified. How many bad habits have they got? An instructor is qualified for a reason, the same as a dentist, a plumber or a teacher for example. They can, however, help you practice, and I'm all for that, but along side your lessons with a qualified instructor. If you are in a hurry to pass, 'just want to pass', 'just want to have a go' and/or are not interested in driving to keep yourself and others safe, then I'm afraid Hooter's isn't for you.

13/ So, to sum up, if you want to take your test - against my advice - that's fine, be my guest! But do not get mad if I refuse to take you for test or suggest it gets moved, accept it or move on without making yourself look like a fool by having a tantrum, you know how I work, you have been informed - there is a reason behind it. You all agree to it when you sign for the terms & conditions on your first lesson. I'm not telling you anything new. I am not out to scam anyone by making them take more lessons than necessary nor put you through tests regardless of what standard they're at. You hear at the test centre when talking to 'some' instructors about their pupil currently on test - 'they not going to pass' - Why have they been put in for it then? I have a full diary and a waiting list - so if you don't want your gap, someone else will. If you do not agree to my professional methods and standards I am sure there may be an instructor or two without such standards out there who will gladly 'take' your money.


I do not teach people to pass a test,

I teach people to drive and drive safe for life.